FLIProtect Builders Risk Insurance

Our FLIProtect Builders Risk insurance product is a specially designed insurance product that protects an owner or general contractor's insurable interest in the buildings and structures being renovated.

About FLIProtect Coverage

Our FLIProtect product provides comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.  Many projects are funded by lenders who have specific insurance requirements designed to protect its construction loan in the event of destruction or damage.  Our FLIProtect product provides broad, flexible coverage designed to comply with various lender requirements.

FLIProtect is designed to seamlessly carry the insured through the life cycle of a fix-and-flip. Our policy allows for tenancy and vacancy throughout the policy term, eliminating the need to continually purchase separate policies during the life of a flip.

Why Write with us?

  • No premium volume requirements.
  • A rated carrier.
  • 0% Co-insurance.
  • 12-month policy term with NO minimum earned premium (pro-rata cancellation).
  • Flexible AOP and Flood deductible options: $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000.
  • Competitive Rates with $700 minimum premium for Property and General Liability Coverage.
  • Agents have binding authority up to $1.5M and/or up to 12 units.
  • Vacancy and tenancy permitted during policy term
  • Coastal eligible in all states where product is available (except for within 5 miles of Florida coast)


  • Replacement Cost Value for Eligible Accounts.
  • Cause of Loss - Special Form.
  • 0% Co-insurance.
  • Flood optional with limits up to $250,000.
  • Earthquake available in CA, up to full policy limits with 10% deductible.
  • Terrorism Optional.
  • Theft (Optional for Eligible Accounts).
  • Wind and Hail, 5% deductible up to full policy limits.
  • General Liability $1mil Occurrence/$2mil Aggregate.
  • All protection classes and all construction types are eligible.
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FLIProtect Builders Risk Insurance

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Are you a broker or lender specializing in the fix and flip construction marketplace? If so, we have a streamlined Insurtech solution for you. Our system is capable of integrating with your online underwriting systems to speed up the application process and create increased efficiencies for your teams. Contact us to find out more!

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